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Tough Cases

Not all cases are easy ones.

Category: Personal Injury

Read, Read, Read!!

There is the old joke that a real man (or woman) doesn't need to read the instructions while assembling something.

Category: Dangerous Drugs

Fleet Phospho Soda

Our firm is currently reviewing cases for people who have suffered acute or chronic kidney injury after taking Fleet Phospho Soda. C.B. Fleet, which manufactures this drug, is facing a number of these lawsuits around the country.

Category: Dangerous Drugs

What To Do After A Collision

You've just had a wreck. A car blew through a stop sign and the drunk driver hit your car, hard. Here are a few tips to think about, from an experienced perspective.

Category: Personal Injury

Pit Bull Lawyers

It seems that everywhere you look, there are advertisements for "Pit Bull" lawyers. "We're tough, We fight, etc..." Those ads are used because of a common misperception about lawyers.

Category: Personal Injury

What To Do In Court

Many people go to Court, especially in Worker's Compensation, Pro Se. Pro Se means you are going in without an attorney. This is perfectly legal and accepted in Missouri.

Category: Workers Compensation

Is Lack Of Sleep As Bad As DWI

Recently, our office was working on a case where a person was killed by another driver, who apparently fell asleep. Study after study showed that when it came to driving, sleepiness is almost as dangerous as drinking.

Category: Personal Injury

You Can Never Be Too Prepared

Preparation is the act of getting your case ready for settlement or trial. How do you know your attorney is preparing your case sufficiently? Some law firms don't attempt to prepare the case unless it is going to trial.

Category: Personal Injury

Workers Compensation Rules

Originally, Workers Compensation laws were created to assist the worker whose job literally wore them out or injured them. In recent cases the rules have changed to be favorable to the employer.

Category: Workers Compensation

Missouri Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful Death cases in the state of Missouri are different than most other injury cases. They are based on a special set of statutes, and most of the rules are different than typical claims.

Category: Wrongful Death

What Defines Product Liability

Many people look at the McDonalds coffee burn case and scratch their heads, trying to decide whether it was an appropriate legal case. Stella Liebeck received 3rd degree burns after spilling the cup of coffee she had purchased.

Category: Products Liability

Medical Malpractice

When is a case truly a Medical Malpractice case? These are among the most complicated cases in the law today, constantly subject to change and under scrutiny by our government.

Category: Personal Injury

Trucking Accidents - Time Is Crucial

When a person is involved in a trucking accident, time is of the essence. Some trucking companies do not keep records of their trucks and drivers past a few months. Therefore it is necessary for your attorney to file a suit or get an agreement from the company to retain all records.

Category: Trucking Accidents

Generic Drugs - Are They Worth It

This is currently a hot issue in the law and medicine. Several articles written by prominent physicians indicate that certain special drugs, known as narrow therapeutic index drugs, may not be as effective in the generic form as the original branded drug.

Category: Dangerous Drugs

How Do You Pick An Attorney

Tough question. If you have been seriously injured, you may have already been called, or received a letter from several law offices. On one hand, that may mean you have a good case and the attention may be good.

Category: Personal Injury

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