Generic Drugs - Are They Worth It

Generic Medications - Are they as effective as the original?

This is a hot button issue in the law and medicine today. Several articles written by prominent physicians indicate that certain special drugs, known as narrow therapeutic index drugs, may not be as effective in the generic form as the original branded drug. An example of this is generic Dilantin, known as Phenytoin Sodium. Narrow therapeutic index drugs are drugs that only work in very narrow dosages. In the case of Dilantin, it causes the patient to get sick if it is too strong a dose and if the dose is too weak, the patient has seizures, known as breakthrough seizures. Many physicians are saying that the generic version, Phenytoin Sodium is not as effective as the branded version, so that when people are switched to the generic version, they sometimes experience breakthrough seizures. Question is, then, is it worth the cost to save a few dollars on the generic? If the manufacturer of the generic is aware of the problems, is that fraud on the part of the manufacturer? We are reviewing cases of this nature and would like to talk to you if you were well controlled on a major medication, then switched to a generic, where you had problems caused by a weaker or stronger dose.

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