Missouri Wrongful Death Cases

In the State of Missouri, Wrongful Death cases are based on a special set of statutes, and most of the rules are different than typical injury claims. Wrongful Death cases have different statutes of limitations, measurements of damages and require court appearances even when the case is settled. Wrongful death cases require knowledge and experience with the special rules for such cases. In many other areas of the law, some delay before commencing a case is normal, in Wrongful Death claims it can be important to open an estate for the deceased person in order to gather certain information and to present certain additional claims for the estate of the decedent. Most such estate cases must be opened within one year of the death of the decedent. When loved ones are faced with the nightmare of the loss of their family member, it is often difficult for them to contemplate visiting an attorney to discuss such issues, but it is often crucial to do so.

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