Is Lack Of Sleep As Bad As DWI

Everybody can frown upon the drunk driver. It's illegal and causes more pain, death and destruction than Americans can stand. Sleepy drivers are even more dangerous, though, because nearly everyone has done it or risked it. One reason this happens so frequently is that people are trying to get to work or to the airport or back home with insufficient sleep. Many physicians will say that lack of sleep creates the same effects as alcohol, without the violent effects.

Unfortunately, there isn't a good system yet for avoidance of sleepy driving. We don't have available sophisticated in-car systems to combat this. It all comes down to common sense. Make sure you get regular sleep in 8 hour increments. Make sure you are driving a reasonable distance per day on long trips. Crucially, if you begin to feel fuzzy or unfocused while driving, Stop. Find a hotel and sleep, have a light meal, including plenty of liquids and coffee. Call your boss and explain your problem. After seeing the destruction of the family we were representing in our "sleepy driver" case, I can only tell you the consequences are potentially the greatest possible. Nobody wants to cause another person's death, especially for such an unworthwhile reason as "I was just trying to get a little closer to home before I took a rest."

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