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It seems that everywhere you look, there are advertisements for "Pit Bull" lawyers. "We're tough, We fight, etc.." Those ads are used because of a common misperception about lawyers. The misperception is that they need to be aggressive, unethical jerks. This is completely untrue. Lawyers who behave badly in court send the message to the Jury that their clients are bad people, too. Juries don't like that. Juries want to like the Plaintiff so that they can feel comfortable signing a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff. The very finest lawyers in our state are possessed of very high levels of ethics and good manners. This is generally true on both sides. The better quality my opponent is, the better their manners (generally).

On the flip side, there are lawyers who appear to have been born without the ability to stand up to others. The ability to politely and firmly stand your ground is absolutely necessary. Our firm constantly deals with situations where we firmly stand our ground for our clients. The insurance company, after claiming they had offered their top dollar repeatedly, will suddenly start offering appropriate settlement sums. Sometimes we take difficult cases, (ones we are not likely to win), to trial in order to support our client and remind the insurance companies that we will not back down from cases we believe in. Remember, back to the schoolyard, the toughest kids were usually not the bullies. You never really knew who the truly tough kids were until a bully made the mistake of forcing the tough kid to defend himself. Bullies almost never won that war.

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