Read, Read, Read!!

There is the old joke that a real man (or woman) doesn't need to read the instructions while assembling something. It's similar to refusing to ask how to get somewhere. Unfortunately, especially in the legal business, the instructions often show the reader how to avoid pitfalls and dangerous matters.

Our firm has handled several pharmaceutical products liability cases where the Pharmaceutical manufacturer has tried to avoid liability for the dangerous nature of their drug by placing some type of warning on the label. By label, we mean the large paper with small print thrown into the bag, not the label wrapped around the bottle. The label in the bag often contains valuable information about dangerous interactions your current medications may have with the new drug and dangerous side effects the new medication may have. Your doctor may not have had time or may not have been told of all side effects of the new medication. We would much rather you read the label and saved yourself from a dangerous interaction or harmful side effect than represent you or your family in a large case. Finally, don't change or stop taking a medication your doctor prescribed without talking to your doctor first! The attorneys in our office are not doctors and aren't suggesting you change your medications. That decision is for you and your doctor, together. Read those labels!

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