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How Do You Pick A Personal Injury Attorney

This is a tough question for most people. If you have been seriously injured, you may have already been called, or received a letter from several law offices. On one hand, that may mean you have a good case and the attention may be a good sign. On the other hand, how do you know that you are being contacted by a quality, experienced, ethical firm? You have to do some legwork, or in this case, computer and phone work to know.

First, call the courthouse in the county where the law firm is based. Ask the bailiffs and support staff what they think about the attorney or their firm. Many times, they are too busy to talk, but you may get some great information about the firm. Next, get on a computer and google search the firm. Do the results seem positive? Are their positive articles about them?

Certainly, you should go visit the firm at their office. Is it nice? Does it look like they have been successful? Are the staff members nice and attentive to you? Does the attorney appear organized and doing well? Does the attorney pay attention to what you are saying and appear to care about you? Ask them how many trials they had in the last two years. They should have had a couple, otherwise perhaps they settle all their cases, which may not be the best for you. Ask who is responsible for costs in the case, whether there is a team of employees ready to pursue your claim for you. Does the attorney promise you the sun and the moon or do they give you an honest and straightforward assessment of your case. Do you like the attorney? You are going to be working for a very long time with them, so it should be someone you like. Start with these parameters and let your research and instincts guide you. Unfortunately, there is no good rating system to determine quality of attorneys, so you are somewhat on your own.

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