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An environmental injury can happen anywhere and can be severe. The victim of a fire might suffer from smoke inhalation that could be fatal. Toxic plants can cause poisoning injuries. Venomous marine organisms can cause an array of injuries. Lightning can also cause various dilemmas. These are just a few of the environmental injuries that one might sustain. The three most common injuries are air pollution, contaminated water and land and toxic chemicals. Let's look a bit at each one.

Research shows that as many as 50 million Americans live where there is poor air quality. Much of this pollution is caused by large factories that expel toxins, chemicals and heavy metals. It can be accompanied by a noticeable odor or may collect on windshields. The scariest part is that it may not be noticed at all, and you may not realize for years that you have been exposed. It can cause asthma, heart disease and cancer. Power plants, incinerators and refineries are all common sources of air pollution. The Clean Air Act was passed to prevent such things, but each year attorneys fight companies that violate these laws. The Act was passed in 1970 by Congress to combat a variety of air pollution problems and to tackle emerging pollution threats.

Contaminated water and land are also a major environmental problem in our world today. More than 49 million Americans live in areas where water and soil contain unsafe materials. The scary thing is that there are as many as 23,000 violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act each year. The federal government only holds about 3 percent of violators responsible for their actions. Ground water contamination is nearly always the result of human activity. Residential, municipal, commercial, industrial and agricultural activities can all affect ground water quality. Contaminants may reach ground water from activities on the land surface, from sources below the land surface but above the water table or from structures beneath the water table. Land becomes contaminated when hazardous waste like garbage and other materials seeps onto the land. Examples of land contaminates can include fertilizers, garbage, heavy metals, hazardous/sewer waste, pesticides and herbicides and oil spills and petroleum products.

It can takes years for environmental injuries to develop from toxic chemicals. Many American workers continue to be exposed to toxic chemicals in industrial environments. An example of this would be a person developing Mesothelioma many years after being exposed to asbestos. Toxic chemicals can disrupt the balance of our ecosystems, threaten our health, pollute the air we breathe and contaminate our food. Emissions from our vehicles can contribute to air pollution, and oil spills can damage our oceans. Some household cleaners that we use every day are pollutants. Hazardous waste also comes from factories that do not dispose of them properly. They release a large amount of hydrocarbons into our atmosphere. As you can see, environmental pollutants are everywhere.

How do you know if you may have an environmental injury case? You may be able to take legal action when your injury can be traced back to a specific product, person or company. The environmental injury lawyers at Rotts Law Firm in Columbia, MO are here to help. We will work to get you the compensation you deserve for depreciation of land value, medical bills, lost wages, future costs and even pain and suffering. Give us a call today.

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