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Time Is Crucial With Trucking Accidents

This is one of the few times where you do need to move quickly to find an attorney. Some trucking companies do not keep records of their trucks and drivers past a few months. Therefore it is necessary for your attorney to file a suit or get an agreement from the company to retain all records related to the collision as quickly as possible. Driver logs, repair logs, service logs, the list goes on, and this information can be crucial to a case. We know it can be hard to think about pursuing a legal case when you are injured or dealing with the death of a relative, but sometimes quick action is necessary.

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of collisions. As a result, the truck drivers are limited in how much time they spend on the road in a given period of time. They are required to keep logs of when they were driving and resting. Many modern trucks have GPS systems which keep track of when the trucks were at different locations, their speeds, etc. Those records are also crucial. Without that information, it can be very difficult to properly prepare your claim. At Rotts and Greenwade, LLC, our team is ready to pursue your truck accident claim, please call for more information.

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